Stranger Things & Netflix Enable ‘New Coke’ Delusion


Stranger Things Season 3 release on Netflix plays up nostalgia to level 10 with the return of New Coke or “Coke II” as it was officially named. Is this video we talk about whether this is a branding nightmare or if this is marketing genius. One caveat to this: Coke claims they paid zero dollars for this product promo. Take that how you want to.

Is this a good idea for New Coke? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Link To New Coke’s Failure & How Market Research Caused It:

Here’s the 10,000 foot view of the story of Failure To Launch & Why Stranger Things Might Want To Think Twice:
New Coke was only affectionately named that by the public who were forced to adopt the new flavor in 1985 with the total overhaul of the recipe.

The problem came as a result of loyal customers not even having the choice to select their classic Coke flavor or the new Coke flavor. The company just assumed that at scale, the taste tests which were showing New Coke to be preferred to Pepsi consistently, would work favorably for Coke.

Without realizing it, the Coca-Cola Company had discredited a century’s worth of brand equity and the emotional side of marketing and consumer decision making & insights. People don’t buy products, they buy feelings. Familiarity in very important especially in 1985. They also didn’t realize that tests come with caveats. Taste tests introduce small doses of product in a comparative environment. This in no way shape or form resembles the scenario in which the consumer will be consuming the product – which would be mindlessly drinking during a movie or with a meal.

The public was outraged and due to a litany of customer outrage and panic, Coca-cola eventually relented and brought back the original recipe and called it Coca-Cola Classic. The New Coke was renamed Coke II and then totally discontinued in 2002.

This summer, Stranger Things season 3 in partnership with Coke, invites you to “Take a Sip in the Upside Down”. But there’s risk in this greedy marketing strategy. This is going to help Stranger Things more than anyone but there’s a chance it could hurt Coke.