As business leaders and operators, we don’t have time to be constantly second guessing. Trust that your marketing, strategy, insights, plan, etc is all rock solid and take action. If you are focused on waiting until it’s the right time, then I promise it’ll be too late. All too often we hear people focused on everything being perfect. While it’s important to be correct, it’s more important to be valuable. You can miss a period and provide a high level of value, in a timely manner. You can screw up a jump cut on a video if it means the overall video went out significantly earlier and started helping people. Don’t sacrifice total value for speed – but this is hardly a problem with content creators who have their name on things. I want to urge you, though, to create a systematic approach you can trust and rely upon to know that if you follow your plan, your content can be seen by the public in an expeditious manner so you can continue to get your ideas into the world. ———————————————————————– Resources & Links Subscribe to learn powerful & secret marketing tips and strategies:… Listen to marketing secrets on our actionable audio podcast:… Read Our Blog Here:… Find our Facebook Page here:… Follow DeepBridge on Instagram @Deep.bridge: