You don’t have to be a speed expert to extrapolate that being able to cover 40 yards in 5.28 seconds isn’t lightening fast. That’s how long it took Brady in his 2000 combine showing. You may be thinking, “well, he can throw it far though”. Not exactly. “Okay well at least he’s probably a freak super athlete then with big muscles and can take hits… right?”

Brady Striking A Pose at the 2000 Combine


Meh. I mean look, I’m certainly not body shaming the guy – that’s not the point. But who would have guessed this Michigan alum would have gone on to win 3 superbowls in his first first years? He didn’t come into Michigan as the starter in his college days. He didn’t even begin his professional career as a starter. He was taken in the NFL draft as pick number 199. But what does this have to do with you and why am I telling you? Trading Card Marketing Is Dead Whenever we dig into a new project, the first thing we do is get an understanding of how it is you are viewing your customers. We like to run the trading card test. It goes something like this: Write down every thing you think we need to know about your customer (a cliff notes, of sorts. Are you able to break out this information by type of customer? What is the value of each of those buckets over a lifetime? Why are they buying your products? What value are they getting? What does success look like for them when they use your products? Same question for your competitors. The clients that answer in ways that are all demographics focused with no clear, eloquent understanding of their clients at an emotional level are the most simple fixes. You have an expectations problem. It’s impossible to satisfy someone if you don’t know what it is they deem satisfying. Seems simple right? The concept is simple enough, but it’s important to first understand what we mean by “treating your customers like trading cards”. Trading Card Marketing – Using a customer’s basic “stats” like their income, gender, and age only to make advanced strategy choices for your business. The problem with this style of customer intelligence is it likely results in leaving revenue on the table due to not fully understanding barriers, pains, and gains of your clients. A DeepBridge, we’ve banned the use of “customer profile”. Our proprietary model creates a litany of valuable customer analysis. We like to call this the “Buyer Dossier”. The key is applying this dossier to a specific buying situation. Without this, it’s just a profile with static facts that aren’t useful. When applied to different buying situations, you can extract transformational insights. Check out this template below – I challenge you to use or adapt this to start building out more sophisticated persona dossiers. See below on how to download the content for free.

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How Did It Turn Out For Tom? Unless you live under a rock, there’s a reason most people in the US have heard of Tom Brady. He’s one of the most decorated football players to step foot in the NFL. The secret to Tom’s success, and what scouts have openly admitted to missing all those years ago, was that there was no way to measure his poise and ability to lead an offense. That’s what set him a part from other quarterbacks despite his less than impressive physical attributes. Brady’s story should tell you a lot about the way you could be undervaluing your customers simply because you don’t understand them. But how much money are you leaving on the table because you don’t have the capability to measure a metric so you continue to ignore it? That’s no reason to neglect your insights, your business, and more importantly the satisfaction/experience of your customers. I am challenging you to dig in on those metrics. Reach out if you feel stuck and we’re happy to take a look and make a suggestion. You can me directly at I’m also sharing our Consumer Insights Starter Bundle to readers of these DeepBridge Dailies. Check out the content I’ve created for you using here in this link. Also be sure to keep an eye on our upcoming release of our newest Actionable Audio Podcast which will feature this concept and how we see it play out in businesses today.

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