We’re so excited to bring you our marketing series video content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will be in addition to the daily content we are putting out in order to give you as much value as we possibly can. These new marketing videos will give you a chance to see a variety of tactics we deploy to solve some of the most sophisticated and nuanced issues you face as marketers and business owners today. Below is a very brief synopsis of the types of videos that are being produced. We will link out to their designated library accordingly and provide an opt in so you can be conveniently notified via your email when these new videos drop every week. Mailbag Monday Welcome to Mailbag Monday! At DeepBridge, we prefer to offer as much value as possible to as many people as possible. But not everyone should be a client of ours. We only seek to offer transformational impact for our clients and we encourage you to be just as selective in the help you hire for marketing & strategy support. To show you the type of value we bring to the table, we created this series where we will select 1-2 of our subscribers ONLY each week and answer their questions right there on the spot in detail. If you’re lucky enough to win the entry, it’s 100% free, premium solutions customized for your business. And if you are just tuning in as a guest or as a subscriber who didn’t win, there are still plenty of elements that you will likely be able to benefit from. We’ll see you next Monday!

Whiteboard Wednesday Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday! We’ll be doing our favorite thing when it comes to marketing strategy… drawing on a whiteboard! Join us to hash out ideas about advanced marketing topics or to just follow along – maybe there’s a eureka moment waiting for you. Either way, it’ll be interesting 4k video content with actionable insights you can apply today.

Friday Welcome to Funnel Fridays at DeepBridge Consulting! This series will cover a somewhat neglected concept in marketing but an important asset to your business – YOUR SALES FUNNELS. It’s one of those things that is so misunderstood and not common to talk about yet funnels are constantly in motion around us. The series will surprise most at how unbelievably jam packed it is with high impact content that can make a difference from day 1. We look forward to seeing you there!

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