It’s 6:40 AM I ventured out to catch lunch for later that day. The sun is emerging beneath lingering clouds from a chilly night while on a fishing holiday in Montana. Half melted snow glistens from the morning sunshine rays as I walk in search of the next fishing location. I happen across a small drainage basin hidden amongst the sprawling Bighorn River landscape. I hustle on over to investigate as if someone is going to beat me to it. It’s an absolute gold mine.

There’s literally trout breaching the surface begging for a meal. Imagine that first cast of perfect, juicy food. I could put just about anything on the other end of that line – it wouldn’t matter. Not even 30 minutes later I have enough provisions for the rest of the week. It was a good morning.

The History Of Segmentation

The term “Segmentation” has had an interesting cycle for us marketers. I’ve watched its evolution beginning with non-existence. Then it sharply rose to a more broadly applied “tactic”. And became bloated. Diluted. It then became clear it was misunderstood. And was being improperly applied. And now it’s all but extinct. But segmentation is one of the most important components that coexists within you customer intelligence suite. The issue was that those same marketers who were comfortably throwing that word around didn’t have the technical capabilities to match the theoretical insights that accompany segmentation. I’ve often described having the ability to segment your audience with precision is equivalent to fishing for behemoth Tailwater Trout in a tiny pond or a crowded drainage basin like the one I happened across at Bighorn River. You artificially create an environment where your message goes to very hungry, highly qualified consumers who WANT what you are selling. Don’t you want to meet people at their most highly receptive part of their journey and put in front of them the most effective messaging that leads to maximum persuasion? Segmentation allows you to do that.

But it doesn’t stop there. A good strategist knows that the right message to the right people is valuable. But the best know that you need to combine that with the ability to do that at scale. And in real time.

Applying It To Your Marketing

Think about how you currently talk to your potential customers. Do you ever feel like you could target them better? I challenge you to find ways to group your pool of customers into segments that have similar buying tendencies – keyword being buying. The problem with a lot of what we see with failed campaigns is they group by basic demographic information and that’s it. I am not advocating demo data is bad, but if it doesn’t translate to how your consumer shops, you can’t execute on this.

For some inspiration, check out AMPS, Advanced Messaging & Persuasion System, our proven process designed to do the following:

  1. Qualify Customers
  2. Segment Customers
  3. Deliver Targeted Messaging
  4. Persuade Through Storytelling
  5. Scale Your Nurture Sequence Through Automation
  6. If all this sounds stressful and overwhelming, don’t worry you are not crazy. It’s both. But that’s why the payout of executing this with excellence is so strong. But doing it yourself can be a challenge. You have a few options to shorten the learning curve and while stretching your marketing dollars. We can either: A. Set your business up on our platform and run this for you. This is a more hands-off approach in which we will design, integrate, execute, and optimize these systems for you. The software in which we host our automation, nurture sequencing, and targeted message delivery is a combination of Convertkit and Leadpage services. OR B. We can onboard you to the AMPS proven process so you and your team will always be equipped to handle segmentation and improve your business in perpetuity using our method. This is more hands-on for you and can be done remotely through guided, engaging learning for your entire organization or for specific members of your team. Plenty of people out there claim to be able to do the fishing for you. From time to time, they may even land you a prized Trout. But at DeepBridge, we want to teach you how to fish so you can catch your own river monsters whenever you want; to give you the most cost-efficient, solutions-effective route to success which is why you’ll get all the tactics, capabilities, and secrets we have so you can build your sustainable, future proof business. Leave your information below if you want additional information on AMPS or to subscribe to get all our latest blog updates conveniently to your inbox. If you have any further questions, feel free to send in your questions and we’ll get you a thoughtful, actionable response customized to your business needs. Visit our site at or Email to  Looking forward to growing together!