Today’s video is not only for startups but for any business that is lean and conscious of their marketing investment. You’ll get a breakdown of three content marketing tactics this business can use to save them resources while effectively marketing to their target audience.


This episode of Mailbag Monday by DeepBridge Consulting features a startup disrupting how you shop for groceries. 


We’ll touch on these three tactics to be implemented as well as work with this member of our free marketing community to ensure the execution of these tactics. Only members get the benefit of being selected so feel free to join for free in minutes today:


  1. WHO, WHY, WHAT content model
  2. Get Personal To Feel Empathetic
  3. Incentivizing Consumer Adoption


If you put these tactics in place yourself, you’ll notice your business and brand form deeper relationships with your customers and in turn, you’ll notice a higher level or conversion across your content and your offerings. 


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