I seldom find a break to stop and watch television. But I do everything in my power to make room where I can. I’m actually a cinematic junkie. There’s a few shows that I don’t feel guilty splurging my attention on – shows like Silicon Valley, True Detective, and Suits – but chief among these is Game Of Thrones. After re-watching some of the earlier episodes to prepare for the new season, I started noticing trends in the story line that I was finding useful to content creation, marketing, & conversion. I wanted to share these thoughts with you to challenge the way you approach your business in this area. What Jon Snow Reveals About Content When someone says “(insert topic) is king” they are often insinuating that thing is dominant and alone. But in reality, the king has to depend on a connected network of trusted operators and alliances. Take a look at how Jon Snow rules later in the seasons. The king has alliances. The king has to depend on other people and kingdoms. The king takes losses. The king learns and adapts to continue ruling. Key Action Steps Content is indeed king. But your content needs purpose and an accompanying strategy. One helpful tip as you are writing your content, I challenge you to plot out the the following: What is the objective of this piece? What is the ideal action that takes place once it is consumed? Who is this ideally for as it relates to your customer? What are the keywords you are targeting to ensure you are relevant to that customer? And what is your call to action, CTA, for this piece? What piece of content, product, or service does it lead to next. Overall, your content needs to be connected to a nurture sequence so that when a potential customer takes the time to read your content, you give them a natural progression to keep learning, to keep getting value, or ways to apply that value. All too often we as operators are giving value but without direction. Putting our customer first, we are obligated to provide the best experience. This includes clear paths that deliver on informational needs. So, lead like Jon Snow. Be strategical in the production of the value you are producing. Be Content King of the North.